Sunday, April 8, 2012

Amelia Top - Revamped

So after yesterdays failed attempt at a new pattern - the pattern failed not me ;-p was way too short and the straps/armholes were to tight.  So today I brain stormed with my mum and we came up with two ways to make it fit my little miss better.

First i had to do lots of unpicking, the straps from the main body and the bottom band.
Added a bigger contrast band and bottom band to give it the length needed.
Second problem was the straps/armholes were a bit tight so added a small contrasting band under the straps as well.

Just waiting on my buttons to arrive so I can have a matching fabric covered one.
Woohoo I'm much happier with this version hopefully i can get little miss to wear it.


Barbara said...

Together we can work out a solution.

Kate said...

Thanks mum :-)