Monday, March 12, 2012

Tuesday night - crafting

Every Tuesday night i am part of a Stitch n Bitch group, we meet weekly at a different persons house and sit around chatting and crafting. I have decided to use this time to make things for my kiddies, instead of doing items for Pineapple Designs

This week i decided to use up some of my flannelette scraps and make Lucy some winter pjs

Here is the first pair - Carebears with a matching applique top
And the second pair hearts and purple - i was going to applique hearts onto a plain top but found this one at Kmart for $7 and thought it went very well with the bottoms

I will try and get a photo of Lucy wearing them but it is not quite cold enough yet.
Tomorrow I am learning how to make tutus - i love learning new things, i will share some photos of the finished product soon :-)


Tori said...

I love jammies! And those are super cute. I'm jealous :P

Kate said...

Thanks to Spotlight later today as they have 30% off storewide going to get some flannelette for next winters pjs