Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tutorial: Coin Purse

Welcome to my first ever tutorial, I thought it was about time to have some more tutorials in metric, I’m sick of working in inches. I hope to do more as I find the time – Enjoy, Kate

Skill level: Beginner
Time to complete: under one hour
Finished size of coin purse: 12cm x 9cm

Main fabric x 2 pieces 13cm x 10cm
Lining fabric x 2 pieces 13cm x 10cm
Iron on interfacing x 2 pieces 13cm x 10cm
15cm zip (or longer - you can cut it down to fit)
Seam allowance 6mm – presser foot width

Sewing machine/zipper foot
Hand sewing needle Iron

Step 1
Iron interfacing to the wrong side of both pieces of the main fabric.

Step 2
Lay zip face down on one of the main fabric pieces, then place lining fabric on top right sides together and pin.

Step 3
Put your zipper foot on your machine – remember to adjust your needle position.
(I have broken a few needles forgetting to do this – lol)
Sew close to zip along the top of coin purse.

Step 4
Now for the other side of zip.
Lay zip face down on second piece of main fabric, then lay lining fabric on top – right sides together and pin. Sew close to zip.

Step 5
Now press fabric away from zip on both sides.

*Sorry if this photo is confusing I’m multitasking and making 2 coin purses at once.
Thought it was wise to have a backup for my first tutorial ;-)

Step 6
Topstitch both sides using the zipper foot close to the edge of fabric.

Step 7
Undo zip halfway -
*very important otherwise you will not be able to turn it through the right way later on.

Step 8
Pin right sides of main fabric together and lining fabric together.
Seam allowance 6mm – width of presser foot

*the blue line indicates where you need to sew.

Step 9
Start on the bottom of lining fabric and sew around the edge leaving a small
opening at the bottom to turn through.

Step 10
Trim corners, edges and zip ends to reduce the bulk around seams.

Step 11
Turn right sides out by pulling through the opening in the bottom.

Step 12
Pop the lining out so you can hand stitch up the hole at the bottom of lining.

Close up of me hand stitching the hole closed.

Step 13
Now pop the lining back into the coin purse and iron.

Step 14
Ta daa all finished…now step back and admire your handy work.

*fabric used in tutorial is from Amy Butler Love range
- paradise garden in wine
- sunspots in wine


Kate said...

thank you for checking out my first tutorial

Briara said...

I'm going to be brave and give it a go! You are very inspiring for wannabe crafty people like me :-)