Monday, August 20, 2012

Dinosaur hoodie

How to make your own Dinosaur Hoodie

Dinosaur hoodie = one very happy 4yr old

You need: 1 plain hoodie (zip up or pull over)
contrasting felt
sewing machine

you need to draw to triangles templates, i did mine
head spikes- 2" across bottom
Back spikes - 3" across bottom
then I used a ruler to draw a triangle .

Fold your felt in half and use you template to cut out triangles
for my size 5 hoodie i did 6 for the hood and 5 for the body.
Unfold and you will have felt diamonds like the photo below.

Then pin your diamonds down the centre of the hoodie, small diamonds on the hood larger diamonds on the back, then sew as straight as you can.  If you are doing on a pullover hoodie I sewed about halfway from hood to back thenflipped the hoodie around and started from the bottom back to the middle otherwise the hoodie gets all bunched up in the sewing machine.

Then fold your diamonds together to form the spikes and pin.

then sew the 2 side of each spike together, then trim any extra felt to tidy up spikes.

WOOHOO your done


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