Monday, September 10, 2012

Caramel Baileys Ice Cream

Caramel Baileys Ice Cream
600mls of cream
1 tin of sweetened condensed milk (needs to be cold so pop in fridge the day before)
3 crunchie bars (or violet crumbles for the Australians)
1/4 cup of Caramel Baileys ( you can use plain Baileys but i had this in the cupboard)
Tupperware Jel-ring

Beat cream, condensed milk and Baileys until thick

should look like this

then chop up crunchie bars and add

fold into mixture

fill your Tupperware Jel-ring

and put in the Freezer overnight or for 8hours
Ta da!!!  was a bit impatient to tip it out of the Jel-ring...
so doesn't look perfect.
served up with some peaches - yummy!!!
A few suggestions on flavours:
You could change the sweetened condensed milk for caramel flavoured one.
Use Baileys instead of Caramel baileys - or leave out the alcohol all together
Instead of Crunchies bars you could add a mix of white and milk chocolate chips.
Also it would be perfect for a BBQ serve it in slices between two wafers,
ice cream sandwiches :-)

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